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The MCRS Executive Director served as Chairperson for the NCSRC from April 2010 through March 2015 and since April 2015 has served as President of NCSRC, Inc.


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In November 2005, people affiliated with State Rehabilitation Councils met informally during the CSAVR Conference in San Diego. They began considering the benefits and drawbacks of establishing a national organization. Those present were Governor-appointed volunteers serving on their respective Councils; others were staff with the sole responsibility of working for a Council; and others were agency staff assigned to provide support to their SRC.  Some were fortunate to serve on well-resourced Councils, while others had no budget.  There were representatives from states and territories with both Blind and general programs, and some with the combined programs. Despite notable differences, the group had a great deal in common.

Common ground, along with the power of the collective potential, was what led a motivated core group of individuals to move from brainstorming to organizing.  A National Steering Committee was formed, and with the support of the Rehabilitation Services Administration, regular conference calls of State Rehabilitation Councils were convened.  At each CSAVR Conference since November 2005, the Sunday SRC Session has focused on strategic planning, including the creation of mission and vision statements, core values, and bylaws. The organizational documents, along with the strategic plan goals and activities, have evolved over four CSAVR Conference – Sunday Sessions.  This work effort was finalized in October 2007 at the CSAVR Fall Conference held in San Antonio.  The result is seen in a foundation which will position all of us to be more effective within our respective state and as a national entity.



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On behalf of people with disabilities, our national membership coalition will advocate for and work in partnership with the national public vocational rehabilitation system’s continual quest for excellence.



NCSRC will be the premiere national organization of the consumer voice to enhance the employment opportunities of persons with disabilities through the public vocational rehabilitation system.



INTEGRITY – We are honest and straightforward in all that we do. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We act responsibly with resources entrusted to us. We are accountable and act in accordance with these values.

COMMITMENT – We support the full implementation and enforcement of disability non – discrimination laws, particularly the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

EXCELLENCE – We trust that customers of public vocational rehabilitation will be empowered to make choices which lead to ultimate independence.  

ADVOCACY – We will work to educate and inform the public and government policy makers regarding issues affecting people with disabilities

DIVERSITY – We will uphold a broad definition of diversity that honors and appreciates disability alongside race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and religion as an integral part of the human experience.

LEADERSHIP – We will foster leadership among people with disabilities that upholds excellence, quality and inclusive opportunities.

PARTNERSHIP – We will promote a positive collaboration with state and non-governmental agencies to enhance meaningful and sustainable employment for people with disabilities.

TEAMWORK – We are committed to a partnership based on a spirit of trust and cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation Administrators and staff so that collaborative efforts will benefit from the NCSRC customer voice.

CULTURE – We support a public vocational rehabilitation service system that is structured in a manner that reflects the social, political, historic, and economic experience of disability.

COMMUNICATION – We value effective communication through appropriate formats.



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WHERE AS Title 1, Section 105 of the Rehabilitation Act establishes State Rehabilitation Councils (SRC), our federal mandates and our partnership with Designated State Units;

And WHERE AS it is a show of respect to our partners in vocational rehabilitation that we are committed to cultivating our strengths and the necessary expertise to enhance what we bring to our partnership;

And WHERE AS the "SRC" has an interest in strengthening the public vocational rehabilitation system;

And WHERE AS Councils across the nation and territories have a range of specific local interests and practices; we are more alike than different;

And WHERE AS our collective ability to address the national trends and systemic issues impeding the public vocational rehabilitation system from realizing its full potential is greater than those of any one Council;

And WHERE AS vocational rehabilitation services are a resource in assisting individuals and the broader community of people with disabilities to achieve economic advancement, and ultimately self-determination;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the "SRC" supports the mission, vision, core values, and goals of the NCSRC, and our councils participation, which includes decision making when representing our council at scheduled meetings, for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of individual councils and strengthening the public vocational rehabiliation system in our country.




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NCSRC Leadership and Sunday Sessions at CSAVR Conferences

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